Being a parent is a daily challenge. This is all the more so for parents in wheelchairs, who sometimes have difficulty finding equipment adapted to their situation. to calmly ensure the education of their child. Are you a parent with a disability? Rêves de Libellule wanted to help you and offers you its custom-made evolving baby room.

Our evolutionary complete bed suitable for disabled parents

If the bed must be suitable for babies, they must also be suitable for their parents. If you are in a wheelchair, Rêves de Libellule offers you a solution to help you and take care of your child without being hindered. Whether you are a mum or a dad, your daily life with baby will be simplified thanks to our adapted childcare equipment.

Rêves de Libellule therefore offers you the raiser foot adapted to your need for height under the bed. This positions the underside of the bed base at 66 cm from the ground, but can be modified to measure: ask us for a personalized quote, we will do our best to satisfy you. Being in a wheelchair should not prevent you from fulfilling your role as a parent with peace of mind, and you can count on Rêves de Libellule to help you choose baby furniture.

Thus, with the evolutive raised bed and the equipment offered by Rêves de Libellule, you can change your baby, wash him, give him his bottle, dress him and cuddle him without constraints. In addition, this bed will ensure your child's safety when he sleeps in it, thanks to its double-action barrier that perfectly meets the requirements of French Standards.

In addition to having a bed equipped according to your needs, you will also have a bed with an innovative concept: this one being scalable, it can accompany your child from 0 to 7 years thanks to its modular functions. Whether you choose white, taupe or light grey, this bed will change over the years to meet the needs of your child and your parenting.

The complete Lit’bellule baby room made to measure for disabled parents

In addition to the bed, you can also opt for a complete Lit’Bellule room adapted to your needs. The Lit'Bellule bedroom, with its scalable and modular character, will be optimal so that you can take care of your child on a daily basis despite the constraints caused by your disability. In you offering a complete evolving baby room, Lit'Bellule is committed to preserving your baby's health and safety.

Labeled by various organizations such as Max Havelaar, Certipur and Confiance textile, Rêves de Libellule is also committed to respecting the environment. This involves manufacturing in France from recyclable and non-toxic raw materials, located as close as possible to our production site. So you can be sure that your child will grow up over the months in a healthy environment thanks to our responsible production.

Rêves de Libellule keeps its ecological promise while producing innovative, ergonomic, modular rooms adapted to parents with disabilities.

Thus, choosing the Lit'Bellule room for your child is also making your parenthood more accommodating on a daily basis. It also means being able to invest over time in an evolving concept that will accompany you throughout your child's growth. This is how, every day, we make sure to offer you the best and impeccable quality to provide your family with optimal living conditions.

Our storage to accompany the baby room

Discover our scalable baby room and don't wait any longer to have it delivered!

Bespoke room delivery anywhere in France

In order for you to have our Lit'Bellule products as simply as possible, Rêves de Libellule travels all over France to deliver the bedroom of your dreams. Give us your address, and we will we take care of the rest!

To this extent, our transport service provider, with its experience in the field and its rigor, will deliver to you in the best conditions. Delivery will take place by appointment and our transport provider will drop off the bed in the room of your choice.

We also offer delivery with the assembly option . So you can be sure that your furniture will be taken care of by specialists. They will mount them with care, and you will only have one thing to do: install baby in his new bed!