1. Preamble

The present terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as the "Conditions") are concluded between

On the one hand, Rêves de libellule, a company with a capital of €20,000, registered at the RCS Paris under the number 823 625 496, and headquartered at 92400 Courbevoie, France,

Hereinafter referred to as "Rêves de Libellule",

And on the other hand, persons, private individuals or not, wishing to make a purchase via the online sales site (Internet) www.revesdelibellule.com, hereinafter referred to as the "Customers" or the "Customer" on an individual basis.

Rêves de Libellule and Customers together hereinafter referred to as the "Parties".

The site www.revesdelibellule.com hereafter commonly referred to as the "Site of Rêves de libellule".

Rêves de libellule sells its products exclusively remotely via the Internet network (website or e-mail).

Rêves de libellule does not have a shop outside its websites. All the products sold by Rêves de libellule are listed on the company's website (hereafter called the "Products"). Rêves de libellule does not distribute a paper catalogue.

2. Purpose

The present general conditions aim at defining the terms of sale between Rêves de libellule and its Customers, from the order to the delivery, while passing using the services made available by Rêves de libellule and by the payment. They shall regulate all the steps necessary for the placing of the order and shall ensure the follow-up of this order between the Parties.

If these terms and conditions should differ according to the quality of the Client, whether an individual or a company, these differences will be clearly mentioned.

3. Scope of application

The present Conditions govern the sale of the Products being on the Site of Rêves de libellule on the day of the placing of the order by the Customer. They apply to all the placing orders’ modes proposed by Rêves de libellule, whether the order was placed by Internet.

If these Terms and Conditions should differ according to the way the order is placed, these differences will be clearly stated.

4. The order

Ability to contract

The purchase of a product being on the site of the company Rêves de libellule not being an act of management of the daily life, in view of the respect of the article 1124 of the civil code, any customer of the company Rêves de libellule declares to have the capacity to contract under the conditions described hereafter, i.e. to be emancipated minor or to have the legal majority and not to be protected within the meaning of the article 488 of the Civil code.

Rêves de libellule reserves the right to refuse any Order of a Customer with whom would exist or would appear during the treatment of an Order a litigation, a litigation of payment.

Acceptance of the Conditions by the Customer

The present Conditions can be read directly on the Site of Rêves de libellule. At the Customer's request, they can also be sent by e-mail, fax or post. The fact that the Customer ticks the box "I have read and accept the general terms and conditions of sale" before validating the order automatically implies the Customer's express and unreserved acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. By this act, the Customer acknowledges having read and understood these Terms and Conditions and accepts them. The purchase by e-mail, telephone, fax or post also implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, which he acknowledges having previously read, understood and accepted under the above-mentioned conditions. The General Terms and Conditions of Sale will also be attached as a PDF file in the order confirmation e-mail.

Product characteristics

In accordance with article L 111-1 of the consumer code, Rêves de libellule endeavours to present as well as possible, on the technical data sheets of the Products, the essential characteristics of the latter of which the Customer must take note.

Rêves de libellule reserves the right to modify the range of Products according to the constraints related to its suppliers.

The information and characteristics are those given by the suppliers. Rêves de libellule is in no way responsible for the erroneous data transmitted by the manufacturers. The photographs and graphics presented on the sites or in the emails sent by Rêves de libellule are given only as an indication and are mainly those given by the suppliers. Rêves de libellule shall not be held liable for any difference in perception of form and colour between the photographs or graphic elements presented and the Products. Rêves de libellule will make its best efforts so that the photographic representation of the Products on the Site of Rêves de libellule is as faithful as possible. It is nevertheless possible that the perception of the Product(s) may not fully correspond to the Product(s). The Product(s) is(are) presented in photography sometimes with other Product(s). The description will mention what is or is not part of the Product.

Except contrary information specified on the Site of Rêves de libellule, all the Products sold by Rêves de libellule are new and are in conformity with the legislation of the European community in force and the standards applicable in France.

Date of the order

The Order Date is deemed to be:

- the date of validation of the order by the Customer and his payment by credit card online in the case of payment by credit card,

- the date of receipt of the cheque, transfer or credit acceptance in the case of payment by cheque, transfer or credit respectively.

Nevertheless, this validation date is subject to the conditions related to the anti-fraud controls put in place by Rêves de libellule. If additional administrative documents are requested in order to ascertain the identity of the person placing the order (see paragraph "Checks to prevent fraud" below). In this case, the Order Date will be either the above or the date of receipt of the requested documents, whichever is later.

The deadlines indicated on the Site of Rêves de libellule run only from this above described Order Date.

Controls to prevent fraud

In order to prevent the fraudulent uses of payment methods, Customer accounts, delivery addresses, and in order to secure even more the transactions of the Customers, Rêves de libellule carries out controls on the orders placed by its Customers.

As part of these checks, the Customer may be asked to send us administrative documents such as: proof of identity and/or proof of address (fixed telephone bill, electricity, gas, water, etc.), and for companies: KBIS extract less than 3 months old.

Within the framework of these checks, if the supporting documents were not sent to us or if the documents sent did not enable us to establish with certainty the identity of the author of the order and the reality of the domiciliation, we could not validate the order and it would then be cancelled.

Refunds corresponding to these orders could not then be made without a certain number of verifications necessary to identify the Payer of the order. Thus, a payment by credit card will be refunded only and directly to the customer's credit card account, a refund by cheque will only be sent to the address indicated on the cheque book if a proof of new address is not provided.

Information provided when ordering

The Customer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information in his Customer account and his order to ensure its proper processing. Thus, the Customer's address and the delivery address of the order is under his entire responsibility. Rêves de libellule cannot guarantee the consequences or be held responsible for additional delivery times or additional delivery costs. The expenses incurred by Rêves de libellule following errors on the information provided by the Customer will be charged to the Customer, particularly the expenses of the order’s re-shipment.


The prices of the Products are indicated in euros, including all taxes and excluding shipping costs. They consider the VAT applicable on the day of the order. Any change in the applicable rate may be reflected in the prices of the Products after the date of entry into force of the new applicable rate. The VAT rate applied is a percentage of the value of the goods sold and depends on the type of equipment purchased: 20% or 7% for delivery in Metropolitan France, Corsica and Monaco.

On 01/01/2014, in accordance with Article 68 of the 3rd Amending Finance Act, the rates applied will become 20% and 10% respectively. The eco-participation rates are clearly and distinctly indicated in accordance with the legislation in force in the Product sheets and in the order summary.

These eco-participations are subject to 20% VAT. The tariffs of the suppliers of Rêves de libellule being in constant evolution, the prices posted on the sites are likely to be modified constantly. They are also subject to change due to introductory pricing, promotions or sales. All prices are subject to obvious typographical errors or purely material computer labelling errors.

The applicable price is the one indicated on the Site of Rêves de libellule at the date of recording of the order by the Customer.

Postage and packing

Shipping costs are invoiced to the Customer according to the weight of the package (excluding packaging), the place of delivery and the carrier or mode of transport chosen. They are subject to 20% VAT. They are indicated to the Customer before the final registration of the order. The carriage costs can be proposed on a purely free basis within the framework of promotional marketing operations of Rêves de libellule.

Discounts and gifts

Only one individual discount (e.g. coupon code) is granted per order. When purchasing a Product in multiple quantities, the rebate applies only to the first copy, unless otherwise stated in the notice sent with the promotion or rebate code. The same applies to the products offered (only one gift or set of gifts per Customer).

In the event of a computer problem leading to a duplication of discounts or gifts, the invoice will be blocked until payment is regularized or the order is cancelled. Gifts are offered according to the Product purchased. These gifts are listed on the pages of the Products or in the personalised offer sent to the Customer. Discounts, promotion codes, gifts, or purchase vouchers are valid within the limit of the expiry dates mentioned either on the Site of Rêves de libellule, or in the mail or e-mail accompanying the description of the special offer, and within the limit of available stocks.

If the customer is entitled to gifts, he must ensure that they are registered on the order form. If this is not the case, he should contact the customer service of Rêves de libellule. The customer cannot claim any reduction or indemnity in case he would refuse the gifts offered to him, Rêves de libellule taking in charge all the expenses related to these gifts, including the shipping costs.

Gifts are neither guaranteed, nor taken back, nor exchanged.

Placing an order

The individual Customer can place his order with Rêves de libellule either via the Internet network on the Site of Rêves de libellule, or by e-mail.

When the order is placed by e-mail, the order must include the information necessary to process the order in good conditions.

In all cases, the Customer's identification allowing the order to be recorded must contain at least the following information:

- the Customer must identify himself either by using his Customer number or by mentioning all the information usually requested for an online registration,

- The Customer must clearly identify the selected Products with the references indicated on the Site of Rêves de libellule, references including the options of colours, sizes, etc... In the case of Products with options, these precise references appear when the good options are selected,

- The Customer must also indicate the quantities requested,

- The Customer must also clearly indicate the information required for delivery. This particularly applies to the precise delivery address and any restrictions on access to the place of delivery (see paragraph on deliveries),

- The Customer must indicate the chosen delivery method,

- Finally, the Customer must also indicate the chosen method of payment.

Product Availability

Rêves de libellule works, depending on the products, based on a just-in-time stock or direct order from its suppliers. Therefore, according to the cases, the Products are available within the limit of the stocks available at Rêves de libellule or subject to the stocks available at its suppliers.

The Products available in Rêves de libellule's stocks for a fast delivery are accompanied by the mention "Shipped within 24-48H" or "Expected shipment on Day/Month". The availability of a Product can vary very quickly depending on sales. Rêves de libellule updates availability very frequently but cannot be held responsible if the stock is no longer the same as the one indicated. More specific information can be given to the Customer by telephone, e-mail or fax.

The unavailable Products in Rêves de libellule's stocks and supplied by its suppliers can appear with the mention of a frame of the expedition delay such as "within 1 week", "within 10 days", "within 15 days", "within 20 days", "between 2 and 6 weeks", etc... This expedition delay then corresponds to the delay which is necessary for Rêves de libellule to be delivered by the supplier and to send the parcel to the Customer.

When a Product is mentioned "Product not available", it cannot be put in the shopping cart or sold. It will only be available for sale again when the supplier has informed us of its availability in its stocks or when Rêves de libellule has its own stocks. However, it is possible to be notified of the date of new availability of the products by sending a message from the product data sheet of the unavailable Product.

When the Product is not in stock at Rêves de libellule and that the announced delay is thus of the type "under 10 days", Rêves de libellule will inform the Customer of any possible delay of delivery by e-mail. This delay being a guarantee of Rêves de libellule, the Customer will be entitled to ask for the cancellation of his order and to ask for its refund. The refund will be made as soon as possible and at the latest in accordance with the regulations within 14 days.

If Rêves de libellule cannot obtain a Product ordered from its suppliers, it will notify the customer of the expected delay by e-mail. The latter will then be able to choose to cancel his order, based on this new information. In accordance with the regulations, no cancellation penalty will be applied for such an order cancellation. In the case of a cancellation, the refund will be made as soon as possible and at the latest in accordance with the regulations within 14 days.

No compensation for cancellation (other than full reimbursement of the Order) may also be requested, such unavailability resulting from the delay in updating this unavailability.

Rêves de libellule is committed to honouring the orders received only within the limit of the available stocks of the Products or within the limit of the stocks available at its suppliers. In the absence of availability of the Product(s), Rêves de libellule undertakes to inform the Customer as soon as possible. However, since availability is updated frequently, such unavailability could only be due to a computer error.

In the case of an unavailability, Rêves de libellule will be able to propose to the Customer a Product of an equivalent quality or price. The formal agreement of the Customer will then be requested by Rêves de libellule before any expedition.

Confirmation of order

Any validation of order entails an obligation of payment.

An e-mail is automatically sent to the Customer in order to confirm the order, provided that the e-mail address indicated in the registration form does not contain any errors.

Rêves de libellule does not send an order confirmation by mail or fax.

5. Order cancellation

The Law guarantees the Customer the possibility to retract within 14 working days after receipt. In order to best inform the Customer of his right of retraction, Rêves de libellule, will communicate a retraction form to him at the latest at the time of the confirmation of the order.

Right of withdrawal within the meaning of Article L121-20-1 of the Consumer Code: This right of withdrawal is exercised when the Customer has received his order and wishes not to keep one, several or all of the Products in his Order within 14 days of delivery.

5.1 Common rules on the right of withdrawal and cancellation of orders

Scope and conditions of application of the conditions of cancellation and/or retraction

Certain Products and Services may not be subject to the right of withdrawal in accordance with Article L 121-20-2 of the French Consumer Code, limiting conditions which are extended to the possibility of cancelling an Order.

In particular:

- provision of services whose performance has begun with the consumer's agreement before the end of the fourteen clear days period - supply of Products made to specifications or clearly personalised, or which, due to their nature, cannot be returned or are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly (case of non-standard products as defined above)

- Unsealed software, audio and video recordings

- Newspapers, periodicals or magazines

In addition to these conditions, the additional services that would have been carried out at the date of cancellation such as installation, taking back of the old one, assembly cannot be the object of cancellation or retraction. The old products that would have been taken back within the framework of these services cannot also be returned, being the subject of a return by specialized channels.

Mattresses and box springs outside standard sizes do not benefit from the "exchange or refund" guarantee (The Consumer Code -article L 121-20-2- specifies that the legal withdrawal period of 14 days does not apply to customised goods or to customer specifications. This is the case for mattresses and bed bases with non-standard dimensions or with a specific thickness or shape).

Exchange conditions and refunds

The right or possibility of exchange or refund only applies if the Product is returned in perfect condition for resale, packaged (or repackaged) in its original packaging, complete and without any trace of shock, malfunction or obvious traces of use (e.g. assembled furniture). Rêves de libellule reserves the right to refuse this exchange or refund if the Products received in return do not respect these conditions. Special orders for furniture (modular rooms, custom-made or with special manufacture made to estimate) cannot be cancelled after a period of 7 days from the day of the order. Furniture cannot be taken back after receipt.

Case of exchange

The exchange request must be made within 14 days from the date of receipt of the Product concerned. If the new Product reference requested in exchange is for a higher amount, the Customer must pay the difference before shipment of the new Product. Conversely, if the amount is less than the initial amount, the Customer's account on www. Rêves de libellule.com will be credited with this difference. The shipment of the new Product can only be made after the return of the exchanged Product. If the shipping costs related to the replacement Product were higher than the initial shipping costs of the Sales Order, Rêves de libellule may ask the client to pay a complementary participation to the shipping costs.

Conditions of return

Any return without exception must be preceded in writing (e-mail or fax) and automatically obtain a return number from the after-sales service of Rêves de libellule. This is not a request for authorization, but rather a guarantee necessary to ensure a return in full traceability and security for the Customer. Rêves de libellule will then indicate to the Customer the procedure to follow.

Rêves de libellule reserves the right to refuse the reception of a return on its warehouses which would not have been notified to him or which would not follow the preliminary instructions. A return not respecting this procedure and for which the package(s) would have been lost during transport could not be considered by Rêves de libellule. No compensation or reimbursement can then be demanded by the Customer who has not followed the instructions of the customer service department in the context of an order cancellation and/or retraction.

5.2 Specific rules of application for the possibility of cancelling an order (excluding the right of withdrawal)

Cancellation of an order before dispatch or before receipt by the Customer

Before shipping by Rêves de libellule or before reception by the Customer, Rêves de libellule offers to its Customers the possibility to cancel their orders at any time. This possibility extends the legal conditions of withdrawal provided for by law after receipt by the Customer.

There are several cases:

- The order has not been dispatched: the cancellation is then immediately considered by Rêves de libellule without any further procedure.

- The order has already been fully or partially shipped. Rêves de libellule considers the cancellation on unshipped Products. For shipped Products, the Customer may refuse the package already shipped when it is presented. The cancellation will be considered when the Products are returned to our warehouses.

In these two cases:

The Customer must contact the customer service of Rêves de libellule in order to signify this cancellation. Written confirmation will be requested from the Client, either by e-mail or fax, in order to avoid any cancellation by someone other than the Client.

This possibility of cancellation after expedition entailing expenses for Rêves de libellule, Rêves de libellule then reserves the right to invoice the Customer for its management and cancellation fees.

The Customer is responsible for the shipping costs. In the case of a partial cancellation, no reimbursement of the shipping costs can be claimed, this contribution being a fixed amount for the entire Order.

If the Order is cancelled in its entirety and no package has been shipped, the Customer will be fully reimbursed for the shipping costs. Reimbursement shall be made within 14 days of the exercise of the right of cancellation if the order has not been shipped, and within 14 days of the return of the package to our warehouses if the order has been shipped.

5.3 Specific rules of application for the statutory right of withdrawal

Withdrawal between the date of receipt of the order and the legal 14 days is defined by law. This retraction may be made without justification on all or part of the Customer's Order subject to the conditions defined in paragraph 5.1.

In this case:

The Customer must contact the customer service of Rêves de libellule in order to signify this cancellation before any reshipment of Product, by indicating the Product or Products concerned. Written confirmation will be requested from the Client, either by e-mail or fax, in order to avoid any cancellation by someone other than the Client. This prior contact is intended to inform the Customer of the return procedure as well as the documents to be attached to the return package to allow traceability and thus ensure a good return.

The costs of return are at the expense of the Customer.

In the case of a partial cancellation, no reimbursement of the shipping costs can be claimed, this contribution being a fixed amount for the entire Order.

For the bulky Products, by contacting customer service, Rêves de libellule will be able to organize this return on appointment fixed with the carrier designated by Rêves de libellule. The costs incurred by such a return are normally borne by the Customer. However, Rêves de libellule will be able to ask to the Customer only a participation to these return costs, particularly in the cases of exchanges. These conditions will have to be discussed with the customer service of Rêves de libellule.

Reimbursement shall be made within 14 days following the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the reshipment of the packages having been able to take place beforehand. However, given the technical nature of certain products sold, this period may be extended to 45 days, especially when the product needs technical verification by the Rêves de libellule after-sales service (these products must be tested beforehand). Withdrawal form available in the appendix and downloadable in the "My Account" section.

6. The payment

Payment methods

When a Customer is a private individual, he can pay for his order:

- On line on Rêves de libellule's website by credit card (credit card, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard);

- By bank transfer (the necessary data for the transfer are provided on the site www.revesdelibellule.com at the time of choosing the method of payment or may be provided to the customer for other modes of order,

- By cheque issued by a bank domiciled in metropolitan France. Any order paid by cheque will only be processed upon receipt of the means of payment,

- By PayPal

The Customer guarantees the company Rêves de libellule that he has the possible authorizations necessary to use the method of payment chosen by him. The company Rêves de libellule reserves the right to suspend any management of order and any delivery in case of refusal of authorization of payment by credit card on behalf of the officially accredited organizations or in case of non-payment.

The company Rêves de libellule reserves in particular the right to refuse to carry out a delivery or to honour an order emanating from a consumer who would not have regulated completely or only partially a preceding order or with whom a dispute of payment would be in the course of administration. The company Rêves de libellule has set up a procedure for checking orders to ensure that no one uses another person's bank details without their knowledge. However, the consumer remains advised that Rêves de libellule could not be held responsible for any misappropriation or fraudulent use of any means of payment that would not have been detected by the verification procedure. Within the framework of this checking, it could be asked to the customer to send by fax or e-mail to the company Rêves de libellule a copy of an identity paper as well as a proof of residence. The order will be validated only after reception and verification by our services of the parts sent. If these documents are not received within 14 days of the order being placed, the order shall be deemed to be cancelled by operation of law. Rêves de libellule preserves the full and whole property of the sold products until perfect collection of all the sums due by the consumer within the framework of his order, expenses and taxes included/understood.

The company Rêves de libellule offers a solution of payment in three instalment, free of charge, by credit card only. This offer is available from €200 purchase (delivery costs included). It is also free, immediate and interest-free. The methods of payment are: a 1st direct debit (at the time of your order) of 45% of the goods ordered + postage, a 2nd direct debit (on the day of the order + 30 days) of 50% of the balance due and a 3rd direct debit (on the day of the order + 60 days) of the balance due (i.e. 50% of the balance due).

Invoice The order form that the Customer establishes online or the order confirmation sent by e-mail to the Customer by Rêves de libellule does not act as an invoice. Whatever the order methods and payment adopted; the Customer has the original invoice in his online account tracking. Rêves de libellule keeps an electronic copy of each invoice. In the case of a delivery to an address different from the billing address, the invoice is in any case only available in the online order tracking of the Customer's account and is therefore not attached to the packages.

Date of payment In the case of a one-time payment by credit card, the Customer's account will be debited for the amount of his purchases at the time of validation of his payment. In the case of payment by credit card in 3 instalments, the card is debited (1st due date) when the order is taken, when the other two debits are made 1 month and then 2 months before the order date. In the case of payment by cheque, the collection is done upon receipt of the cheque, thus notifying the validity of the Customer's order.

Late payments: In case of refusal by the bank of a debit card or refusal to cash a check or other means of payment, it is up to the customer to contact customer service to pay for his order by any means of payment. Transfer of ownership Rêves de libellule remains the owner of the delivered Products until their complete payment by the Customer.

The above provisions do not prevent, upon delivery of the Products, the transfer to the Customer of the risks of loss or deterioration of the Products subject to retention of title as well as any damage they may cause.

7. The delivery

Shipping times

Orders placed online via www.revesdelibellule.com are collected every morning from Monday to Friday. Rêves de libellule processes during the day all the orders recorded the day before up to the time of the statement.

The preparation of an order may in principle take up to two working days, including in particular the processing of the order, the preparation of the Products, packaging and invoicing before the dispatch of the available Products, this period taking effect on the Order Date defined in "paragraph 4 - Order Date".

As a reminder, the "Date of Order" is deemed (see paragraph 4) to be the "Date of Order":

- The validation of the Order by the Customer and his payment by credit card online, in the case of payment by credit card, - From the date of receipt of the cheque, transfer or credit acceptance in the case of payment by cheque, transfer or credit respectively. Rêves de libellule informs its Customers that these deadlines do not include Sundays and public holidays. The time limits mentioned in the above examples do not consider the possible fraud avoidance controls mentioned in "Paragraph 4

- Fraud avoidance controls". Shipping times always take effect on the aforementioned Order Date. They are given as an indication and do not represent in any case a commitment on behalf of Rêves de libellule. In case of partial unavailability of the Products, Rêves de libellule could be led to split the shipments. Thus, the available Products can be shipped initially, with the balance of the order being shipped when the other Products are available, without generating additional costs for the Customer.

An e-mail is automatically sent to the Customer when the Products are dispatched, provided that the e-mail address indicated in the registration form does not contain an error.

Shipment periods

Shipment periods depend on the carrier chosen by the Customer. Rêves de libellule informs the Customers of the delays announced by the chosen carrier.This indicative information takes place when the Customer chooses the transport method or carrier at the end of the online ordering process, before validation of the order. However, Rêves de libellule informs its Customers that the announced deadlines do not include Sundays and holidays.

Delivery period

The times displayed on the Product files are shipping times (refer to the paragraph "Product availability").

Shipment periods are indicated in each article file and depend on the transport method chosen by the Customer.

Delivery periods can be as follows:

- If the Products are available, the delivery period is equal to the shipment period (shipment period section) plus the transport period (shipment period section);

- If the Products are not available, the announced shipment period contains the time required to supply the Product to the supplier, and the delivery period is therefore always equal to the shipping time plus the shipment period.

If it turns out that the shipping deadline cannot be kept, a new deadline will then be communicated to the Customer, according to the data known by Rêves de libellule. In this case, a cancellation proposal will also be made to the Customer.

If, on the other hand, payment had already been recorded for certain payment methods, a proposal for a full refund will also be sent to the Customer with the cancellation proposal.


The Products are packaged in such a way as to comply with the transport standards in force, and to ensure optimal protection of the Products during their delivery. The Customer is asked to respect these same standards when returning a product, whether it is during an after-sales service or when returning it for convenience. Any damage noted on a product on return due to a problem of packaging level not respected may result in a partial refund or non-refund of the product in case of impossibility of resale as it is or in case of aggravation of the technical problem indicated.

Order’s follow-up

The Customer can at any time consult the state of his order on the Site of Rêves de libellule by consulting his account. This tracking allows the Customer to know the processing status of his order, but also the status of shipping or delivery of his packages. This last delivery follow-up is carried out in interface with the Internet means of carriers’ follow-up. Rêves de libellule could not be held responsible for the unavailability, or errors that could affect the information provided by its carriers. Nevertheless, Rêves de libellule strives to make this information as clear as possible and to make transport as reliable as possible. The Customer can at any time contact the customer service of Rêves de libellule in order to be informed of his order’s follow-up.

Furniture assembly at home

Rêves de libellule puts at your disposal its network of recognized professional assemblers. The home assembly option is only available in metropolitan France. If the duration of the assembly exceeds 2h30, the service will be carried out on estimate. The assembly option does not include wall mounting. Wall-mounted shelving, for example, cannot be installed by our assemblers as they have no insurance for this purpose.

Difficult to access areas (only for specialised furniture carriers)

If you are one of the 159 communes listed as being difficult for our carriers to reach, your transport costs will be increased. Areas located at high altitude or which are difficult to access by road by our carriers are considered to be difficult to access.

Postal codes of municipalities that are difficult to access:

01260 05200 06440 31110 43200 65590 66500 73590 73640 74220 74490 01110 05063 06450 31440 63610

65110 66340 73630 73150 74920 74440 01170 05320 09110 38114 63150 65370 66230 73210 73450 74170

74340 01410 05110 09140 38580 63240 65270 66760 74120 74360 74700 74780 01260 05170 09220 38750

63680 66110 66320 73700 74540 74110 74130 04260 05340 09390 38141 63113 66760 73340 73144 74300

74450 74790 04370 05290 09460 38410 63319 66210 73300 73230 74400 74480 74430 04400 05330 09800

38250 65420 66760 73270 73600 73110 74430 74660 04850 05250 09300 38860 65170 66820 73500 73550

74470 74200 87120 04530 05560 15380 38520 65400 66150 73260 73150 74500 74230 04140 05480 15300

38112 65240 66260 73480 73440 74250 74190 05260 05240 25240 38680 65710 66120 73350 73710 74130

74950 05350 06660 25300 38190 65200 66800 73320 73130 74420 74260 05600 06470 25370 39310 65120

66360 73620 73530 74410 74310 05100 06420 25108 39220 65100 66460 73120 73670 74390 74320

In addition, deliveries to Ile de Ré are subject to an extra cost corresponding to the crossing of the bridge.

Abroad for heavy and/or bulky deliveries

Information valid for Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Spain

As soon as your order leaves our logistics platform you will be informed by e-mail. The carriers will contact you within 7 working days to arrange an appointment for your delivery.

Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday in a half-day time slot. The shipping costs are calculated according to the total weight of your order, its volume and your place of delivery (it is therefore necessary to fill in completely and without error the mandatory fields of the delivery address).

The carriers are not be expected to deliver inside your home and are entitled to leave your parcel at the entrance of the building or at the door of your house. We therefore advise you, as far as possible, to plan a relative’s help on the day of delivery, in case the driver cannot take the time to help you get your parcel inside the home.

You are asked to sign the delivery note; if upon receipt of the package you find that it is defective, refuse it or write the usual reservations on the delivery note indicating that the package is damaged (subject to unpacking). We invite you to open the package in order to see the products status inside in the presence of the carrier. Immediately notify our Customer Service Department serviceclients@revesdelibellule.com.

For shipments outside the European Union, taxes are the responsibility of the recipient and will be requested at the time of delivery.

The invoice accompanies the package and a duplicate is sent to the customer at the billing address. Customs fees are paid at the time of order. For any delivery abroad outside the countries listed above, please contact us at the following address:serviceclients@revesdelibellule.com.

Returns & reservations admissibility

Before returning your product, for any reason, please contact our Customer Service by e-mail at the following address: serviceclients@revesdelibellule.com.

For bulky furniture

If it is established that the reason for the return is due to an error on our part, on the part of the carrier or the manufacturer, we will be able to recover the furniture in question at our expense.

Contact us on 09 70 24 11 27 or at: serviceclients@revesdelibellule.com. When you buy your furniture, you must make sure that it can be delivered by elevator or interior staircase.

Otherwise, the deliveryman will deposit the goods on the ground floor. You must check the access to your home (lane, parking...) so that the delivery does not require the intervention of a light vehicle such as a van.

Otherwise, the delivery person will offer you a second delivery or a delivery to a nearby and more easily accessible location.

If a second delivery should take place, you will be charged for it. Please inform us of any specific access problem (narrow street, access on the floor, pedestrian street...) when you order. As soon as we receive and validate your return, we will refund the payment to the issuing credit card within a maximum of 15 days. If you have a deferred debit card, the refund will take place at the end of the current month. In the event that the refund takes longer, we advise you to contact your bank.

If the reason for the return is not due to an error on our part, please go to article 14 of our general terms and conditions of sale: right of withdrawal.


To allow the carrier's liability to be invoked, the recipient must, at the time of delivery, make written reservations on the transport document (consignment note, delivery note, electronic medium or, failing this, any other document).

Such reservations must be reasoned, significant and complete, i.e. clearly show the extent and importance of the damage. They must be precise as to the nature of the damage and the quantity of material involved.

Reservations must be the equivalent of a photograph of the goods. Any general, unjustified or incomplete reservation shall not give rise to a presumption of liability on the part of the carrier but shall, on the contrary, give rise to a presumption of proper receipt with regard to the consignee.

By application of the general law of evidence, the consignee will then have to prove that the damage already existed at the time of delivery in order to charge it to the carrier. The words "subject to unpacking" or "subject to counting" are devoid of any significance, as are incomplete statements such as "torn packing".

The possibility of expressing reservations implies the right of verification that the recipient has. Under no circumstances may the carrier obstruct the exercise of the consignee's right of verification, which is a substantial element of a regular delivery and which also applies to relay delivery.

If he objects, the consignee shall be entitled to refuse to accept the goods in this way and to request verification by means of a judicial expert opinion, the costs of which shall in any event remain the responsibility of the carrier, even if no damage is ascertained, as shall the consequences of the delay in delivery resulting from the implementation of this measure.

Similarly, the carrier may not make verification conditional either on payment of the carriage charge or on prior issue of the transport document or even on the issue of a certificate stating that the consignment is in good external condition. In the case where such mentions would not have been carried on the delivery note presented to the Customer by the carrier, no complaint relating to the product status or the parcels could be accepted, a posteriori, by Rêves de libellule.


Spontaneously or on the initiative of the carrier, it may happen that the consignee may question the shipper, with his reservations, by criticizing, for example, the packaging or the intrinsic quality of the goods.

This type of reservation is to be prohibited because it risks causing the consignee to lose its recourse against the carrier, since it characterizes a fault of the shipper exporting liability, without guaranteeing the shipper's liability, which will be opposed by the unilateral nature of the allegation mentioned by the consignee without his presence.


Reservations made by the consignee demonstrate the existence of damage to the delivery and trigger the mechanism of presumption of liability of the carrier.

French law still requires the completion of an additional formality: notification to the carrier of a reasoned protest within a very short time limit and under very precise conditions; compliance with this formality is a condition for the admissibility of subsequent action against the carrier for partial loss or damage.

Article L. 133-3 of the French Commercial Code states:

"The receipt of the transported items shall extinguish any claim against the Haulage Contractor for damage or partial loss if the consignee has not notified the Haulage Contractor of his reasoned protest by extrajudicial act or by registered letter within three days, not including public holidays, following the day of receipt.

If, within the time limit set out above, a request for expert appraisal is made pursuant to Article L. 133-4, such request shall be deemed to be a protest, without it being necessary to proceed as stated in the first paragraph. Any stipulations to the contrary are null and void. The latter provision is not applicable to international carriage.”

The dispute must be formulated by the recipient.

The effectiveness of this protest is subject to 2 conditions:

(1) Form and time limit

The protest must be notified to the carrier by extrajudicial act or by registered letter within 3 days, not including public holidays following delivery. The period of 3 days therefore starts from the day after delivery, but the protest sent on the same day is valid.

The requirements of article L. 133-3 of the French Commercial Code are met as soon as the registered letter is posted within the legal deadline of 3 days, regardless of whether it reaches the carrier after this deadline or whether he refuses to receive it.

Where the carriage of a consignment of goods is the subject of a single contract, while split in its performance, the starting point of the three-day period shall be the day of the last delivery constituting the balance of the consignment which is the subject of the carriage’s agreement. Saturdays count for the calculation of the time limit, from which only Sundays and public holidays are excluded.

The provision of Article 642 of the Code of Civil Procedure under the terms of which "the period that would normally expire on a Saturday... is extended until the first working day thereafter" is inapplicable to the three-day period of Article L. 133-3 of the Commercial Code, which is not a procedural period but a pre-determined period prescribed on pain of forfeiture.

2) Motivation

The protest must be reasoned, i.e. contain, with all relevant details, the recipient's statement of grievances. This reasoning should not be vague or general and at least likely to shed light on the type and extent of the damage or loss discovered (enumeration of damage to the equipment being transported, etc.).

If a reasoned protest is not sent within the required time limit, action against the carrier is no longer possible.

As an exception, case law refuses the foreclosure of the action against the carrier in the presence of the acceptance by the carrier of the reservations formulated by the consignee at the time of delivery.

The fact that the driver does not contest or contradict the reservations affixed in his presence constitutes an unequivocal acceptance of these reservations and therefore exempts the driver from compliance with the formality of Article L 133-3 of the French Commercial Code.

In other words, the consignee is therefore no longer precluded from sending a registered letter within three days of having formulated "good reservations" on delivery in the presence of the driver if the latter has not refused them or has not taken reservations to the contrary.

WARNING: when you sign the carrier's delivery note, you acknowledge that you have received the goods in good condition. You therefore release the carrier from all liability. Any damage subsequently identified may be considered to have been caused by you.

Moreover, the reservations on the carrier's delivery note are not sufficient: they must be confirmed by registered letter within 3 days.

A check on delivery

When a package is delivered, it is imperative to ask to check the package, both the exterior and the contents in order to notify reservations if the product ordered is missing, incomplete or damaged.

Please note that the general reserve statements such as "subject to unpacking" have no legal value.

It will therefore be necessary to express precise reservations, define the missing products or damage on the delivery note and within 3 days of delivery, confirm your reservations to the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt while informing the seller in parallel.

Some examples of inoperable/uncharacterised reserves

Open, smashed, crushed, damaged, damaged package, damaged parcel, without describing any consequential damage to the goods.

Shock marks

Pallet broken or fallen off the truck; missing X pieces, not to mention that the packaging is no longer secure.

are the reservations to be indicated on the delivery note?

"Damaged package" and "damaged product".

What if you are denied control of the package?

Very often the delivery man (or the agent) does not accept that you open the parcel before confirming the reception or does not want to wait.

However, it has an obligation to do so, as the courts, and more particularly the Court of Cassation, have pointed out on several occasions, notably in two judgments:

Thus "the consignee has the right to demand, before taking delivery, both internal and external verification of the packages" (cass civ 22/11/1933). If the Carrier has denied the Consignee this right, thus preventing him from checking the goods, the Haulage Contractor cannot invoke the absence of reservation and confirmation by LRAR (cass 27/04/1921).

From then on, it is imperative to indicate that you have been refused the possibility of checking the contents of the parcel on the receipt form that you will sign and inform the carrier of any damage found after checking the parcel by registered letter.

Access of force majeure

If our carrier is led to use a tray or any other access of force majeure during the home delivery, Rêves de libellule reserves the right to re-invoice the surplus on the total amount of the transport.

8. Guarantees

Defects on delivery

Carrier-related delivery delays

In the case of a delay in delivery in relation to the deadlines announced by the carriers, the Customer must first contact the carrier or its distribution office in the case of La Poste. In all cases of important delays, the Customer must contact Rêves de libellule in order to open a file of litigation or investigation to carry out a research of the parcel. Sometimes packages are misplaced by the carriers. The deadlines imposed by the carriers imply that the Customer declares the loss within 10 days following the reception of the dispatch notice of Rêves de libellule. Under these conditions, Rêves de libellule takes care of making the necessary claims with the concerned carrier.

In case the parcel was not found, Rêves de libellule would make a new delivery of the same Product (within the time of availability) or would propose the refund to the Customer.

Damaged parcels

The Customer must check the condition of the package in front of the carrier and make the necessary reservations on the delivery slip in case of partial or total deterioration. In the absence of a reservation, the goods are deemed to be accepted by the Customer and may not be the subject of any dispute concerning their delivery. The Customer will have after emission of these reserves to notify the customer service under 48h by e-mail so that Rêves de libellule can take the necessary measures as soon as possible, as well from the point of view of the return of the product in its warehouses as from the point of view of a new delivery. In case of absence of notification, Rêves de libellule cannot be held responsible for a long delay in taking charge of the new delivery. In the case of a shipment made by the Post Office, if the package arrives open or damaged, it is essential that the customer have a "spoliation report" (report 170) drawn up by the deliveryman on whom he depends so that Rêves de libellule can open an investigation and a compensation procedure.


In the event of strike of the Post office services, the carriers or any other event of exceptional nature slowing down or preventing the delivery of the parcels, Rêves de libellule will put all the means at work to inform the customer of the state of the expedition of his parcel, but could not be held responsible for the delays caused.

Contractual guarantees

Certain category of Products sold on the Site of Rêves de libellule are guaranteed in a contractual way by their respective manufacturers. The warranty period for a piece of equipment is indicated in its product sheet. The warranty contract is concluded between the Customer and the manufacturer by the deed of purchase, with the purchase invoice and the manufacturer's warranty card serving as proof.

The duration of this contractual guarantee and its conditions of application vary according to the manufacturer.

Moreover, the duration of the guarantee and the related restrictions are indicated in the presentation file of the Product on the Site of Rêves de libellule. The Customer must keep the invoice of purchase at Rêves de libellule made available by Rêves de libellule through his Customer account in downloading.

Legal warranty

Notwithstanding the specific and contractual guarantees, Rêves de libellule informs its Customers that they have on all the Products the legal guarantee of conformity of the Product to the sale contract under the conditions considered in the articles L.211-1 and following ones of the Code of the Consumption and the redhibitory defects under the conditions considered in the articles 1641 to 1649 of the Civil Code.

In the event that an amicable solution is sought prior to any legal action, we remind you that this search does not interrupt the time limits for bringing an action concerning this legal guarantee, nor does it interrupt the duration of the specific and contractual guarantees.

Article L211-4 of the Consumer Code:

"The seller is obliged to deliver goods in conformity with the contract and is liable for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery. He shall also be liable for defects in conformity resulting from packaging, assembly instructions or installation when this has been charged to him by the contract or has been carried out under his responsibility.”

Article L211-5 of the Consumer Code:

"To be in conformity with the contract, the property must:

1°/ Be fit for the use usually expected of a similar good and, where appropriate: - correspond to the description given by the seller and possess the qualities that the seller has presented to the buyer in the form of a sample or model; - have the qualities that a buyer may legitimately expect in the light of public statements made by the seller, the producer or his representative, in particular in advertising or labelling,

2°/ Or have the characteristics defined by mutual agreement between the parties or be suitable for any special use sought by the buyer, brought to the knowledge of the seller and accepted by the latter.”

Article L211-12 of the Consumer Code:

"An action arising from lack of conformity shall be time-barred after two years from the date of delivery of the goods.”

Article 1641 of the Civil Code:

"The seller is bound by the warranty on account of hidden defects in the thing sold which render it unfit for the use for which it is intended, or which so diminish that use that the buyer would not have acquired it, or would have paid a lower price for it, if he had known about them.”

Article 1648 of the Civil Code, paragraph 1:

"The action resulting from redhibitory defects must be brought by the purchaser within two years of the discovery of the defect.”


Rêves de libellule is released from its delivery obligations in case of force majeure.

Rêves de libellule declines any responsibility as for the diverted use or the misuse of the products that the customer ordered.

The total or partial impossibility to use the products in particular because of incompatibility of hardware or software cannot give place to any compensation or refund or call into question the responsibility of Rêves de libellule;

The sites linked directly or indirectly to the Sites of Rêves de libellule are not under the control of Rêves de libellule. Consequently, the company assumes no responsibility for the information published on these sites. Links to third party sites are provided solely as a convenience and do not imply any endorsement of their content.

9. Duty free

For all the products that the consumer plans to send outside the European Union and DOM-TOM, obtaining an export sales slip from our services will allow him, after returning the pink flap stamped by customs, to obtain a refund of the VAT rate of the product or the corresponding order. We remind you that the price calculated and mentioned on the invoice will be all taxes included. Beforehand, we invite the consumer to read and check all the conditions required to benefit from the tax exemption of his goods. If the consumer meets all the conditions required by the customs, he will have to make his request for an export sales slip by fax to our services and accompany it with a copy of both sides of an identity document (passport, identity card, consulate registration card, etc.). In the context of the relocation of an order or a product to a country other than metropolitan France, we remind you that you remain the importer of the product(s) concerned. Any customs duties, other local taxes, import duties or state taxes that may be due will not fall under the jurisdiction of Rêves de libellule. It is your sole responsibility to obtain information from local authorities and to assume responsibility for the corresponding declarations and payments to the competent authorities and bodies in the country concerned.

The responsibility for Rêves de libellule could not be committed in the event of non-respect of the legislation of the country where the products will be conveyed by the consumer. It is up to the consumer to check with the local authorities the possibilities of importing or using the products or services he intends to transport, to ensure that their technical and operational specificities specific to the manufacturer comply with the legislation of the country concerned.

10. Birth List

Joining the birth

list In order to create your birth list on revesdelibellule.com, all you have to do is create a user account or connect to your existing account. Please go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) dedicated to the birth list for more information about logging in/out of the list.

Gift voucher

Rêves de libellule offers you, if you are a contributor, to offer a gift or to make a donation to the birth list of your loved ones. This amount of money will be used as a voucher for the list creator. Under no circumstances will Rêves de Libellule directly transmit money to the creator of the birth list.


As the creator of a birth list, when you wish to be delivered, you just have to close your list in order to validate the order for shipment. Please note: some products that were in stock when they were offered to you may no longer be in stock when the list is closed. Indeed, Rêves de libellule cannot block the stock of the concerned products as long as the birth list is not closed.

It is also possible that a product is no longer supplied since its purchase by one of your relatives, in which case its value is converted into a sum and added to your "birth list" jackpot.

Closure and expiry of the birth list

After creating your account, you have one year to make use of your list. You will be notified by email of the expiration of the date of use of the list one month before it expires.

Use of the immediate discount

The creator of the birth list benefits from an immediate 5% discount from 300€ of purchases or an immediate 10% discount from 1000€ of purchases on the total amount of his order. Furthermore, the creator of the birth list can only use its immediate delivery once.

11. Signature, data protection, payment security

Nominative and personal data

The visitors or Customers of the Site of Rêves de libellule have at any time a right of access, modification, correction and deletion of the data which concern them in application of the article 34 of the law "computing and liberties" of January 6th, 1978.

At the time of the registration of a visitor or an order of a Customer, or within the framework of other specific operations on the www.revesdelibellule.com site, Rêves de libellule is brought to collect personal data, i.e. information making it possible to identify the individual, in particular his first name, last name, electronic address, telephone number, date of birth, postal address. When the Visitor or Customer decides to communicate this personal data on www.revesdelibellule.com, he expressly gives his consent for the collection and use of this data in accordance with the law.

The visitor or Customer can at any time modify his subscription through the hypertext link at the bottom of the offers received by e-mail. Rêves de libellule reserves the right to collect data on the Customer including by the use of cookies. Rêves de libellule can for commercial purposes transmit to commercial partners the identity and the coordinates of its visitors or Customers. Rêves de libellule makes a commitment to take into account in an effective way the modifications of subscription and partial or total unsubscribing to the commercial emails diffused by its care on behalf of its Site as soon as possible according to the necessary treatments.

Intellectual Property

All the elements of the Site of Rêves de libellule, whether visual, graphic, video or sound, including the underlying technologies used, are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents.

They are the exclusive property of the company Rêves de libellule. Any person having an Internet site wishing to place on its site a simple link returning directly to the Site of Rêves de libellule have to ask for the authorization of it to Rêves de libellule.

An authorization given by Rêves de libellule will in no case constitute an implicit agreement of affiliation and will in no case be given on a definitive basis. On simple request of Rêves de libellule, this link will have to be removed. Any hypertext link referring to the Rêves de libellule website and using the following techniques of "framing" or "in-line linking" type is strictly forbidden.

Complete Terms and Conditions

A change in legislation, regulations or a court decision rendering one or more clauses of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale null and void shall not affect the validity of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Such a change or observation could in no way allow the Customer to not respect these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

If a condition was not explicitly mentioned, it would be considered to be governed by the practices in force in the distance selling sector whose companies have their registered office in France.

Duration and application

The present Conditions apply to any purchase carried out on the Site of Rêves de libellule as long as the store www.revesdelibellule.com is online. The present Conditions are modifiable at any time by Rêves de libellule. The applicable Conditions are those in force at the date of registration of the order.

Territoriality and applicable law

The Customers who order via the Site of Rêves de libellule exclusively in French language, are considered to buy in France and are thus subjected to the French Law. In the event that the Customer is a professional carrying out his order within the framework of his professional activity, the attribution of competence in the event of litigation, and in the absence of amicable agreement between the Parties, will be given to the competent courts of Paris.