Scalable Raised Baby Bed

You are looking for a baby cot but you do not know which one to choose.
And if you opted for our raised baby bed 
unique !
A bed from 0 to 7 years old wich  which transforms into a bench and its foot which transforms into a child and then adult desk.

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Dimension of the raised baby bed
L 144 cm  P 76 cm  H 182 cm

Mattress dimension (not included)

Customize your choice of three different colors

White, Light gray and taupe

 3 couleurs: Blanc, Gris clair et Taupe

PAYMENT up to 6X free of charge (Or 6 x 357 €)
(Delivery in mainland France and Europe)

 10 years warranty

Tax included
Payment up to 6x Free

Our baby cot, unique for its innovation, revolutionizes the world of baby room and daily lives of parents through: 

A raised position and a secure closure

From 0 to 2 years old, you just have to stretch out your arms to take baby, no more back pain.
Its opening system is patented and certified by  
french standards (NF).

The door opening / closing system is double action (pull the ring then lift the door and vice versa) to meet the requirements of French Standards and to fully secure the opening / closing action.  This patented system was developed in close collaboration with the FCBA certification body and underwent 8 months of testing before obtaining its own NF standard.

Only an adult outside the bed can operate the door opening system.

A lasting solution 

When baby grows his bed too! The bed transforms into a bedroom and so you can change rooms without buying one and your child keeps the same universe to grow with peace of mind! 

Position 1 : Raised baby bed (from 0 to 18 months)
Position 2 : Low baby bed (from 18 to 36 months) + children's desk (the foot of the raised bed turns into a desk thanks to a tray provided from the start) 
Position 3 : child's bed (from 2 to 6 years old)  + children's desk 
Why is the bed upgradable up to 7 years old and not beyond? Quite simply because in the life of a child the passage of the small bed or large bed is symbolized by the change of the bed! 

Position 4 : bench (over 7 years)  + teen desk (thanks to a simple tilting the desk takes height and adapts to your child's growth

All the elements that make up our baby room are made in France with non-toxic wood (ecological generation panel) and a  water-based paint finish .  

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Technical characteristics :

Dimensions of the raised baby bed: L 144cm D 76cm H 182cm / Height under bed base 96cm

Provide a 140x70cm mattress (not supplied) 

Choose your color :

White, Light gray or Taupe

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