Managing your baby with intense needs: tips and tips

Managing your baby with intense needs: tips and tips

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babi: our tips and tips to manage your baby with intense needs

sometimes, baby sometimes asks for aconstant attention. this is one of the signs of what the American pediatrician william sears named,babi, for “babies with intense needs“. how to identify signs of a baby with intense needs, understand and manage it?

How do we recognize a baby with intense needs?

although it is better not to categorize babies too much, learn to recognize babiescharacteristics of a baby with intense needscan greatly help some parents to better understand baby.

Dr. sears looked at these babies with special needs and identified several characteristics found in many babi.attentionThese behaviours do not appear in all babi, nor is it necessary to gather all these traits so that a baby is considered a babi. often the baby with intense needs ishypersensitive, hecry hard, laugh hard, protest hardand is often verydemanding. he also needs to beconstantly in your armsand isvery active. Finally, he has astrong need for succionanddoes not like to be physically forced(push, car).

tips and tips to manage your baby with intense needs

it is first advised toverify healthYour baby. a crying baby is perfectly normal since it is its way of expressing itself. it can have dental or gastroesophageal reflux for example.

in case your baby’s behaviour is not a health concern and has intense needs, here are some tips to help you manage it.

be patient and organized

a baby requiresattentionanda lot of timeeven more if it has intense needs. a babi wishes to bereassured. However, a baby that requires so much time and attention can be exhausting in addition to arousing the incomprehension of the entourage that may advise you to let it cry or breastfeed less often.

over time, the baby will be a little less looking for attention and will sit on its own. in the meantime, it is advisable toreorganize your schedule, take a parental leave or a half-time if possible or ask for help with your entourage or health care professionals.

the portage

Babi babies have aconstant contact need. porting can be a good way to reassure your baby thanks to physical proximity while leaving your hands free. As explained above, babi babies do not like to be contained or physically forced. for this reason you can opt for porting systems withflexible fabric.


babi have intense needs and seek to be secured by proximity to their parents. They can wake up 10 times in the night. in that case,Maternityis particularly appropriate, the babi fail to support separation. in addition to carrying, massages, cododo (to sleep with your baby) and breastfeeding can help you manage your baby. and if there is no possibility to respond as quickly as you need your baby, you can accept to impose a little frustration on the baby.

But know that he isunadvised to let a baby cry indefinitelywhether it has intense needs or not. this may strengthen its sense of insecurity and make it anxious in the future.

not guilty

being a parent of a baby with intense needs can be a source of concern. You may be saying that you are hurting things, that you have misused your little bit etc. Know that this is not the case and that your baby has needs that it is normal to satisfy. Think of taking time for you, to feel better with your baby.

in any case, know that a babiis not a disease or a tare. Moreover, they often develop positive traits by growing as thecreativity,compassion,empathy, etc.

being a parent of a baby, regardless of his needs, is not at all rest. you need, among other things, storage, changing the bed to adapt it to its size and needs etc. to facilitate this period, we designed afull baby room scalablethat changes shape depending on the age of your children until you become an office once you become a teenager and an adult.