Stop the pacifier gently

Stop the pacifier gently

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Stop the pacifier in kindergarten: this is a common fight for all parents of young children. Indeed, for the little ones, the pacifier is a way of reassuring oneself (by the action of suction). However, this accessory which accompanied your toddler during his first years must, from a certain age, belong to the past.

How to stop the pacifier serenely? And what to do in the event of a difficult nipple stop?

We tell you everything you need to know about this important step in a toddler's life.

1st step: make the child understand why he should stop the pacifier

Many parents devalue their child by telling him that the pacifier is made for babies. Which has the opposite effect. The child is pointing and it is impossible, then, to make him hear reason.

The goal here is to find the right arguments without devaluing your child. This is especially true if it is difficult to stop the teat at 4 years of age.

You can start by telling him that he / she is tall now. And when looking around, no other child has a pacifier (be careful to be sure this is the case). Also note that he will find it difficult to be understood by his friends with his pacifier in his mouth.

Also, do not hesitate to ask your doctor for help, who will tell him, as a bonus, that the teat is very bad for your teeth. 

2nd step: prepare the child to stop the pacifier

To stop the teat at 3 years old, you have to do it a little in advance. And it starts with the right choice of stories. Indeed, toddlers love to have short stories read to them before going to bed. Take the opportunity to choose books where his favorite hero also abandons the pacifier. Remember to involve your child to make sure they understand the problem.

You can also try to work with him to agree on a deadline after which your child should give up his pacifier.

The goal is to make him an actor in this judgment.


3rd step: avoid a difficult stop of the pacifier by going slowly

Obviously, just as you should not devalue your child, it is not recommended to abruptly stop the pacifier. Especially if your toddler still needs it to reassure him during the night or during a big grief.

Your role as a parent will be to accompany him in this step by going smoothly. Sometimes it will happen that he does not take a pacifier for several days and then, again, he asks for the pacifier again.

In this case, there are two schools: parents who let things go and those who don't give up. It's up to you to see where you want to be.

But if the pacifier remains a need, let him have it at least during the nap or at night. You can remove him when he sleeps. At some point, your child will give up their pacifier on their own.

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