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Téhany baby wardrobe

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Color: White


Security guarantees


Delivery within 15 days


10-year warranty


Certified NF

A changing wardrobe

An ideal add-on storage module for the Scalable baby room Lit'bellule

Thanks to its modularity, the Téhany wardrobe accompanies your child’s autonomy as it adapts to his size and thus helps him throughout his growth.

1 module but several wardrobes!

Position 1 : on the ground, from a very young age, your child can do like the adults and take his belongings by himself!
Position 2: on a lower module of the Lit'bellule complete baby room, the wardrobe takes a little height and adapts to the size of your child
Position 3: on a top module of the Bed'bellule baby room, the Tehany wardrobe is even higher and fits your teen
Position 4: a module below or 2 modules below or 2 modules above ... let your desires and needs run wild

A 100% scalable baby and child wardrobe
When baby grows up, The wardrobe changes with the child’s growth.

Save space and storage
Our wardrobe is designed to fit perfectly under our upgradeable, raised crib. Clothes, shoes, toys… you can easily store your cherub’s little things.

Discover a healthy, evolutionary baby world
Rêves de libellule has designed a complete baby room full of evolutionary , while respecting baby’s health.

Our wardrobe is designed with a next-generation "ecology" wood like all Libellule Dreams furniture that uses a healthy material.

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Très bonne qualité

Our furniture is

Warranty: 10 years
Certification: (French Standards) by FCBA

Dimensions: L 55cm P 55cm H 97cm