- Wood: we use the eco-friendly MDF pane without added formaldehyde! Like the wood it is made of, it will emit small amounts of formaldehyde, which is natural (natural wood has values < 2mg/ 100g). This panel does not contain isocyanates or phenolic glues.
- Finish: we use water-based paint in application for the finishing of our wood products.

EVERYTHING! We have chosen our manufacturers in France for their know-how, the quality of their raw materials and their eco-friendly production approach. From wood to hardware, everything is made in France!

Quite simply because with the modules making up the Lit'bellule bedroom you have 3 bedrooms in 1:
- 1st position: the baby bedroom with the elevated bed and all the useful storage space
- 2nd position: the child bedroom with the bed, desk and storage modules
- 3rd position: the teenager bedroom with the bench, desk and storage modules!

YES! We use reconstituted wood panels based on solid wood, which makes the furniture much more resistant. This choice allows us today to guarantee high quality, long-lasting finished products that you can assemble and disassemble several times.

We will deliver within 15 days. We have stock and our carrier (furniture transport specialist) comes every Friday to our factory to deliver you directly the following week in the room of your choice.

YES! Parts are guaranteed for 10 years

YES! I'm a mom above all and this has been one of my priorities.
The bed has undergone 8 months of tests with the certifying body (FCBA, a state-recognised body).
The tests validated:
- the opening/closing system to secure the child both inside and outside the bed. Therefore, the opening requires a double dependent and consecutive action and the closing is semi-automatic.
- the curved parts of the gates (so the child has no grip or support point) and the elevation of the gates up to 20 cm from the height of the gates (the required height of the slatted beds is 60 cm and our gates are 80 cm in the middle).
- the doors have been cut into the mass, reducing the opening spaces (so no risk for the feet to get stuck)

In addition, we have studied the design to keep a cocooning spirit respecting baby's well-being.

Once you no longer need to change baby while lying down, you turn it into an activity desk or storage unit.

It is adapted to the activities and especially to your child ergonomics. In the first years of his life as an artist ;-) your child needs space to put all his little things and the desk tray allows you to participate with your child in his creations while remaining in his universe!
And don't panic, as your child grows the desk tilts to become a higher and narrower desk so it adapts to the ergonomics and needs of older children...

YES we deliver to several countries. Our delivery fare are here