Waterproof and breathable draw sheet 70x140
  • Waterproof and breathable draw sheet 70x140
  • Waterproof and breathable draw sheet 70x140 - 2

Mattress protector 70x140 Organic Cotton



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Protects mattress Organic cotton waterproof and breathable 70x140

No more fear of dirtying baby's mattress! You will always need several mattress pads so you might as well choose a soft and healthy model for your child. Waterproof mattress protector 70x140. Material: Organic cotton - breathable polyurethane. The flaps are elastic.

Why place a mattress protector on the baby mattress?

By placing this baby mattress protector on the 70x140 cm mattress, you ensure not to stain it.

Waterproof, the mattress protectors are resistant to small night accidents by your little boy or girl. No liquids will stain your baby mattress.

With its elasticated corners, the mattress protector fits perfectly to the 70x140 cm baby mattress

How is the mattress protector made?

The mattress protector is waterproof thanks to its polyurethane layer.

Organic Cotton Jersey provides freshness and softness when sleeping. Mattress protectors are machine washable.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions : Long. 140 - Width. 70
Materials used: 100% viscose bamboo sponge. Fabric 80% viscose bamboo, 20% polyester bonded polyurethane 25um
The pad is machine washable.

Wash your laundry before first use

Dimensions : Long. 140 - Width. 70

Package dimensions:

Weight: 0.328 kg
Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 4 cm