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How to prepare the nursery for autumn?

How to prepare the nursery for fall? How to make him feel good there and not be too cold? How to guarantee him the best conditions to fall peacefully into the arms of Morpheus? In this article, Rêves de Libellule gives you its best advice to prepare the baby's room for the coming autumn months.

Why prepare the nursery for autumn?

When fall arrives, many things change. The summer sun slips away to give way to the milder temperatures of October. It's time to find warmer clothes for baby to go outdoors, but also to prepare for his life indoors, especially in his bedroom.

Baby spends a lot of time in his bedroom: it is therefore important that it is a warm cocoon when autumn arrives. Therefore, it will be essential to ensure the ambient temperature of the baby's room so that he can spend restful nights of sleep, essential to his good health. Just like you, baby is very sensitive to the ambient temperature and must be placed in the best conditions for sleeping. Ideally, baby should sleep in a climate around 18 - 19°C; this will help your child fall asleep quickly and good quality of sleep.

To this extent, be sure not to raise the heating in the baby's room, so that the surrounding air is not too stuffy... While taking care that it is not too cold in the living room. In any case, remember that your child will always be more sensitive to heat than to cold. It is therefore necessary at all costs to avoid hyperthermia, which is more likely to happen.

Also note that it is must ventilate the baby's room during the day, in order toevacuate the CO2 and bacteria produced during sleep and renew the air.

How to make the baby room a perfect place?

The bed

The baby bed generally remains the same whatever the season. However, care must be taken to ensure that it perfectly respects baby's safety.

It is in this perspective that at Rêves de Libellule, we offer you the elevated baby bed, which will guarantee the well-being of your child in summer and winter with its patented locking system and a suitable mattress to guarantee a good night's sleep for baby.

It is therefore important to not skimp on the quality of your child's bed when you choose it, so that it can hold up during all four seasons and be a true haven of peace for baby in all weathers.

Baby pajamas

Baby's pajamas are an essential element to make them feel good in their room in autumn. The best thing is to opt for a long-sleeved bodysuit and classic pajamas or even a sleeping bag, and you're done!

You don't necessarily need to opt for a heated duvet or a hot water bottle (which can be very dangerous for baby). Do not cover baby too much, and be sure to touch him regularly to check that he is not too hot or too cold.

The decoration of the baby room

To prepare the baby's room for fall,why not change the decoration of this room slightly to inculcate the notion of the seasons which change little by little?

Indeed, it is also an opportunity for you to teach baby that each year, winter, spring, summer and autumn follow one another and that it is an eternal beginning.

Decorate his room with a small autumnal garland, soft toys representing forest animals, and why not a fox night light? For the more motivated, you can also indulge in painting activities with your child, for example by painting the bedroom wall in autumn colors, or simply by drawing seasonal trees, leaves and animals. As you will have understood, there are many opportunities and tips available to you to decorate baby's room this fall so that he feels good there and spends his sweetest nights there.

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