For baby who arrives, you have lovingly prepared a real cozy little nest. But if you have not paid attention to the materials and products used to make the furniture of his room and their coating, you may well have unintentionally introduced a real time bomb in this cocoon that you wanted to protect

Why avoid classical paintings?

Without an informed knowledge on the subject of covolatile organic compounds (VOCs), it's a safe bet that the sleeping solution you have chosen, crib, cradle or bassinet, contains harmful substances. VOCs are present in the traditional chipboard panels found in most major retailers, but also in the paint finish. These include, among others, formaldehyde, benzene, phthalates and bisphenols. These names don't mean anything to you? Indeed, they form an explosive cocktail that weakens the health of the little ones: allergies, asthma, irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes, and, in extreme cases, cancers... Scary!

Did you know that a newborn's room is sometimes more polluted than the outside air? And for good reason, it is most often furnished mainly with new furniture and cheap that releases a maximum of formaldehyde particles. It is then imperative to paint the walls and assemble the furniture several weeks before the birth and to ventilate the room continuously to let the harmful substances escape.

For those who want to banish these products permanently, there are solutions to protect our little ones, just pay attention to the components of the furniture and choose a cot with non-toxic paint.

Towards a non-toxic baby paint

VOCs are not inevitable. With a little precaution, it is possible to protect yourself from them and keep the little ones away.

Among consumers, ecological awareness has emerged and is gaining such momentum that it is finally allowing other solutions to see the light of day.

Acquiring furniture painted with non-toxic baby paint is now within everyone’s reach. The market being there and buoyant, manufacturers are developing ranges of organic furniture for children.

The wood is free from harmful products, as is the finish, most often based on water-based paint.

If you like DIY, you can also go further in your ecological approach by using second-hand furniture and giving it a facelift with a painting made yourself, from natural ingredients: milk, linseed oil, slaked lime, chalk…

Lit'bellule, a baby bed with non-toxic paint

When I imagined the complete scalable baby room Lit'bellule, it was important to me that it be part of a design process that is as healthy and respectful of the environment as possible for baby and for the planet.

The furniture composing it is made from ecological generation MDF wood panels guaranteed without added formaldehyde.

For their finish, I wanted furniture and a baby bed with non-toxic paint. I therefore naturally chose the water-based paint, which does not release harmful products into the air and does not present any danger for the child who would put his mouth on it.

To improve the satisfaction of future parents, I offer it in three trendy colors, always mixed with that of the wood: white of course, but also light gray and taupe.

Complete evolving baby room Lit'bellule