The air we breathe in the rooms of our homes is more polluted than outside. In particular, VOCs, volatile organic compounds, present in furniture, paints and even linen. The toddler bedroom is no exception. Also, to preserve the fragile organisms of infants, adopt the right reflexes: a baby bed without chemicals, a mattress and healthy textiles.

A chemical-free baby bed for your child’s safety

Lit'bellule is healthy baby furniture therefore harmless to your little one's health. In fact, for its manufacture, we use new generation "ecology" wooden panels, guaranteed without added formaldehyde.

What is what it means ? You should know that natural wood emits formaldehyde, but in trace amounts. Our furniture simply doesn't release any more. We guarantee a content of less than 2 mg / 100 g of dry cardboard, comparable to that of untreated wood. Our panels also do not contain isocyanates or phenolic glues.

So your little one is protected from any toxic substances including VOCs, responsible for many ailments (asthma, allergies, eczema and even cancers).

Of course, the finish is made with non-harmful paint, with water. With the Lit'bellule ecological baby bed, your child can put his mouth on the bars and suck on them without any danger.

A baby mattress without chemical treatment

You may not know it, but traditional mattresses are a real health hazard due to the treatment they receive. VOCs, phthalates, isocyanates and flame retardants form an explosive cocktail for infants, who spend nearly 16 hours a day sleeping. During their sleep, they can therefore be exposed to compounds that interfere with their proper development without your knowledge.

At Rêves de Libellule, we only offer baby mattresses without chemicals, made in France. They benefit from the CertiPUR label, which guarantees the quality of the foam used for their manufacture. It does not contain heavy metals, phthalates or any other carcinogenic substances and its VOC emissions are low. As for the fabric covering our high density polyether foams, it is natural and organic. It can be naturally hypoallergenic (anti-mites and antibacterial), like Bamboo Airsens mattress or it may have received an anti-mite herbal treatment (Greenfirst treatment), as with the BôRêve mattress .

Non-toxic baby crib textiles

The absence of toxicity in our products is even found in our bed linen.

Baby being in direct contact with the fitted sheet, it is essential to be attentive to the composition of the linen covering the mattress as well as the furniture. In addition, all our textiles carry the Confiance Textile Standard 100 label, awarded by the international Oeko-Tex union. It assures you that our bed linen, from the threads to the finished product, does not contain any harmful substances, whether the dyes used or the textiles themselves.

It is therefore totally harmless for your little one. In organic cotton jersey, our fitted sheets are made in Europe. Soft and supple, they perfectly match the shape of the mattress and provide great comfort for your baby. He will sleep peacefully, and so will you, knowing that he is perfectly safe from harmful substances in his chemical-free cradle.

With Rêves de Libellule, you are sure to protect your little one's health, from furniture to textiles, with products including the composition and manufacturing process are transparent.