The nursery is the first place of life of your little toddler. It requires a playful lighting to awaken the imagination of baby, and secure to allow him to grow in the best conditions.

So how to light your baby's room? We give you all our advice to make the right choices in terms of baby lighting.

What types of lighting are recommended for newborns?

Avoid classic lamps

In the baby's room, avoid classic lamps. These lights have their place in a living room or in an adult bedroom, but can be dangerous for babies. Lamps and floor lamps with their exposed wires are a source of danger for babies. In addition, they risk falling on them at the slightest misstep.

For the baby's room, we therefore recommend lighting on the ceiling, or fixed high up on a wall.</strong

Which bulb to choose?

Led bulbs with a high proportion of blue are strongly not recommended for baby rooms, as they risk dazzling children. For lighting adapted to children's more fragile retinas, it is recommended to opt for very low voltage (VLV) or compact fluorescent bulbs.

So-called low-consumption bulbs or economical or compact fluorescent bulbs are energy-saving bulbs. Among the low-consumption bulbs, we find low-voltage bulbs. Low voltage bulbs have a lighting system that works with halogen lamps.

Finding the right balance

When it comes to lighting in your baby's room, it's all about finding the right balance. Too much lighting risks dazzling baby.Baby's retinas are still fragile, it is preferable to opt for subdued and soft lights.

Also, make sure to provide sufficient lighting in the room. A room with too little lighting can become dangerous and cause accidents. To illuminate the baby's room, it is therefore advisable not to use more than 5 different lighting points. In general, a room with 3 or 4 well-chosen light points provides a pleasant and secure atmosphere.

The type of lighting

We advise you to favor diffused lighting and ambient lighting. Garlands, cubes or luminous animals are perfect decorations that bring soft lights to baby's room.

Place on the changing table, baby's bedside table or suspended, these light sources are ideal for creating a cozy baby's room.

Garlands and light cubes make it easy to change baby at night without exposing them to a large source of light. For better visual comfort, opt for light dimmers to manage the flow of light directly from the switch. You will be able to adapt the lighting in your baby's room to their needs and the time of day.

Adapt to baby's age

For baby, his room is a playground. As there are many activities on the floor in the baby's room, we recommends general lighting with a ceiling light for example.

Then, once baby grows up and becomes a child who is ready to read, you can place a secure reading light or articulated arm lamps on your dresser for homework. Good lighting meets the needs of children at all ages.

As they grow up, your child will undoubtedly have ideas for decorating their room. The lighting can then reflect your toddler's favorite themes: superheroes, princesses, pirates, animals, etc.