The approach of your little boy’s birth brings you joy, but there are a thousand questions in your head, especially concerning the layout of his space.
How do I make him a room that he feels good in?
My Tips for a well thought out little boy room.

Little boy’s room: a cozy nest for your little prince

If for adults, the bedroom is essentially a night space, for children, it is both a place to sleep and play.

Your little one will spend many hours there, which is why it is essential that he enjoys it. To do this, you must create a universe of its own. It's not easy to anticipate your child's personality, so wait until he grows up to decorate the walls of his room with the heroes that traditionally make up the boy's world.

He will choose his decoration when the time comes.

For the baby boy bedroom as for the baby girl bedroom, it is important to have a minimum surface area. If you can, avoid small closets without windows.Natural light is important because it helps the child acquire the physiological day/night rhythm. As for the regular ventilation of the baby's room (always done in his absence), it is essential to get rid of undesirable microbes and volatile particles.

Preparations for the baby boy room

When to prepare the baby's room?

This is a question that frequently comes up in the mouths of future parents. There is no rush and there is no need to make this the first task on your  to do list .

However, it does you should not wait until the last moment, because the term of the pregnancy is only indicative. Baby can arrive at any time. It is better to avoid stressful situations: leaving for motherhood without having prepared your little one's nest is one of them.

It is quite reasonable to set yourself the goal of having it completed by the 8th month of pregnancy.

So you have a few months to arrange your baby boy's room and do some scouting.

Take the time to compare the products and plan for yourself: how long will you be using this delightful, overpriced bassinet?

A child grows up quickly, your loved ones don't keep telling you. Making the right choices right away will save you money and as you approach the arrival of a child, this is important. By the way, have you thought about evolving baby furniture?

How do I set up a nursery?

Of course, the layout depends on the surface you have available.

For smaller spaces, you have to go to the essentials, sleeping. Bassinet, cradle, cot or convertible bed, you are spoiled for choice.

Another essential in the bedroom: a corner changing table to change the baby's diaper when you get out of bed and dress him without damaging your back. The closer you have the items you need, the easier your life will be.

Also, a chest of drawers or wardrobe to store your little one's clothes are obviously recommended.

Remember that in a few months your little one will discover the pleasure of games. A few bins or a storage bench will quickly prove essential for storing them.

For the walls, choose soft colors that do not attack the eye; on the floor, opt for washable coverings and for the furniture, since the harmfulness of certain materials no longer needs to be proven, prefer wood guaranteed to be free of toxic products, such as those of my bedroom evolutionary baby.

Keep in mind that creating a cozy nest for your child means creating a reassuring cocoon for him, but also and above all, guaranteeing his safety.

Rêves de libellule: a mother serving young parents

Rêves de libellule was born from the idea of a mother of two children (me, in this case) who was tired of not finding furniture that met her expectations in the shops.

So I decided to create a French-made baby room in wood, scalable, durable and respectful of the environment. My goal: to offer families a complete and ergonomic ecological baby room that can easily be transformed from a baby's room to a teenager's room, without having to buy additional items.

Ideal to make life easier for parents (especially during the first months of baby's life) and allow, in at the same time, children gain autonomy as they grow.