Today, ecological awareness is increasingly developed and young parents want to offer their child the best environment, while at the same time reducing the impact of their choices on the environment.

At Rêves de libellule, we value the manufacture in France of our baby rooms.

This is not a fashion statement, but is rather in line with our deepest convictions and our expectations for the future.

The Lit'bellule concept: a baby room 200% made in France

Why do we say 200% made in France?

This means that our products are entirely designed and manufactured in France with French materials.

We would like to emphasize the authenticity and the French quality of our products that will furnish your future baby room.

Revolutionize the world of baby furniture yes, but not at any price. This was our wish when creating the unique concept of scalable baby room.

In our specifications, quality of materials had to rhyme with proximity to raw materials and production sites.

Today, we are proud to have risen to this challenge by combining innovation and the preservation of the planet's resources. Our current goal? Defend and promote our project.

More than a French-made baby bed, the Lit'bellule is a baby room 100% made in France, made with new generation ecological wood panels from solid wood from managed forests and non-toxic.

Our know-how has enabled us to design a complete room that is scalable and 100% modular, adapted to your baby from birth.

As parents, the secure raised bed will prevent you from having to bend over to slide your sleeping baby into it and thus prevent the onset of back pain so common.

Practical, its high position offers storage space under the bed base that can accommodate numerous modules (including a changing table) that will adapt to infinity to your interior. First in your baby's room and then, why not, in your hallway, your dining room or even your bathroom!

When your baby grows up , the bed becomes a children's bed with its small safety barrier allowing him to play without risk (during somersaults for example). Its heightening leg can be transformed into a child's and then a teenager's desk.

In short, a collection of eco-responsible furniture, respectful of health and durable, to preserve as much as possible the environment and fight against any form of waste or consumerist logic.

Why choose a French-made baby room?

Choosing a French-made baby room means:

  1. benefitting from know-how that makes it possible to have high-quality products with neat and impeccable finishes;
  2. benefit from the safety of products subject to strict standards and certifications;
  3. reduce the environmental impact of the purchase, linked to the transport of goods ;
  4. and finally, support the activity of French companies and therefore the French economy.

Manufacturing baby furniture in France means offering consumers quality products certified by drastic French standards and having undergone a battery of tests.

This is the case, for example, of the Lit'bellule concept, the secure closing system for the raised crib. And since we are confident in the quality of our products, we offer you a 10-year warranty on bed bases and all hardware parts.

It's also choosing Safety

Like any parent, you want to offer your little one who is about to be a cozy nest that is protective and safe.

It is important to emphasize that safety is not always limited to visible elements.

Did you know, for example, that baby furniture manufactured with reconstituted wood panels most often contain formaldehyde, an extremely harmful volatile substance at the origin of numerous allergic reactions and even classified as carcinogenic?

Something to make people think parents or future parents that you are and encourage you to turn to furniture that is not only French, but also ecological and non-toxic.