Whether you have a lot or a little space the complete baby bedroom Lit'bellule is made for you !

1,5 m2 on the floor is enough to install the complete baby room !

Chambre Rêves de Libellule

How ? 

Due to the raised position of the cot, all the storage space (4 storage modules) and the changing table with its own storage space are located under the cot.


Complete baby room

All-in-one and scalable, the complete evolutionary baby room Lit’bellule adapts perfectly to small spaces since everything fits on the size of a baby bed 70 x 140 cm.


It goes without saying, but by favoring the multifunction, you will really be able to save space.

You have a second "small" bedroom oryou share your room with baby or you prefer to keep as much space as possible to play, everything is possible thanks to the ingenious baby room created by a mother at Rêves de libellule. You can welcome baby with confidence and keep your space !

And in addition, by choosing the lit'bellule evolutionary baby room you opt for an Eco-responsible, Ergonomic and 100% made in France room ...