When the family grows, parents are looking for an original and cozy baby bed that will suit their child.

To accommodate this baby, the Rêves de Libellule evolving baby bed offers a whole set of practical and unique features. A real little cocoon, this evolving bed adapts to the needs of children and parents, becoming a life companion. Let's discover this original baby bed.

A baby bed with an original structure

The originality of this bed is in its very structure.

Depending on your needs and those of your child, this convertible bed will become a bench, changing table, desk, cabin, wardrobe or storage space . You will therefore have the choice between a multitude of possible combinations for your child's bedroom.

From birth until the age of 6 or 7, your child will benefit from a adjustable bed that grows with him, and adapts to the needs of his age.

From birth to 18/24 months, this high baby bed will be a cozy bed for your infant.

The bars of the bed will guarantee its security.

It will avoid the less back pain, because you will no longer have to bend down to carry your baby.

Then, from 18/24 months to 36 months, your baby will be able to benefit from a floor bed, which he can join and leave himself, like a grown-up!

The two storage modules below the bed can store precious toys or baby clothes.

After 36 months, your child will now have a real big bed . The baby bed rails are easily replaced.

Without using any screws, you can also decide to transform the foot of the raised bed into a desk for teenagers/adults, which will follow your child during their first school homework.

Also transformable into a bench seat, this bed will satisfy all decorative desires.

Thus, all the originality of this evolving combined bed lies in its ability to adapt to the age of your child, to allow them to grow up in a safe and suitable environment.

This bed will evolve with your child, becoming a real cocoon and life companion.

Quality and safety at the center of manufacturing

For the baby's room, parents expect the best, and for good reason. This happy event leads us to seek out the best, safest and most qualitative materials to welcome this new member of the family.

It is this parental concern that brought Sophie- Hermine, founder of Rêves de Libellule, to create this Made in France and eco-responsible baby bed.

The Rêves de Libellule evolving bed is from French manufacturing to support local employment, limit pollution linked to the transport of goods, and guarantee product quality.

From from design to packaging, 100% of the manufacturing process of Rêves de Libellule products is carried out in France.

Our six partner factories are committed to respecting French safety standards and to produce sustainable wooden furniture. Made from ecological wood, the Rêves de Libellule bed has a lower environmental footprint than the majority of baby beds.

The wooden panels of the baby room are based on reconstituted solid wood, from eco-managed forests.

Finally, thanks to its 100% French manufacturing, pollution linked to the transport of goods is minimal. This Rêves de Libellule bed is not only original and Made in France, it is also a guarantee of safety for you and your family.

The wood of Rêves de Libellule furniture does not contain any substance harmful to healthand therefore does not contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic coating very present in the glues and varnishes which coat many children's furniture.

Rêves de Libellule is committed to producing wooden furniture without this harmful substance to make your baby's room a safe and pleasant environment.

Thus, parents appreciate this evolving bed for its original and practical side, but also for the safety and serenity it brings. This bed, designed by a mother for her daughter, is the guarantee of a secure bedroom, adapted to the growth of your child.

Parents and children can sleep on their two ears.

An original bed for all your desires

The Rêves de Libellule bed gives free rein to the imagination. With its minimalist appearance, it adapts to all decorations.

Its refined design allows you to design a mixed bedroom as well as a princess bedroom or pirate. Everything is possible.

So, as your child grows, you will be able to adapt this room to their wishes. The pure white combined with light wood will be like a blank canvas on which you and your child can give free rein to your creativity.

Practical example: While he is still an infant, you opt for a room mixed in pastel colors. Then, when your child grows up, he shares his love of a superhero with you. All you have to do is add accessories on this theme: curtains, duvet, figurines, lamp, etc. The room with its minimalist design adapts to the new decoration. Subsequently, your bed, always in perfect condition thanks to the quality of its materials, will easily find a new life. The practical aspect of this bed and its “all-terrain” design will easily fit in a living room, a workshop or a bathroom. A faithful life companion, the Rêves de Libellule evolving baby bed is original in its ergonomics, its minimalism, and the quality of its materials. It will accompany your child from his first days to his 7 years, guaranteeing safety, practicality and originality!