For parents, setting up the baby room is an exciting time. They already imagine themselves on D-Day, when mom and baby are the first time out of maternity.

So, so that everything is ready and you can take care of your cherub with peace of mind, I offer some advice on the elements to install in priority and those which are optional.

To find out everything about a well-equipped baby room, follow the guide.


The essential baby furniture

When I talk about essential furniture, I of course want to talk about the elements that will allow your toddler to grow and flourish.

So the only thing you have to integrate into the bedroom is a cot. It is the centerpiece of a toddler room.

As such, you have the choice between a crib or a crib . The cradle can accommodate an infant for only a few months while an evolving crib adapts to the age of the child and is continuously transformed until the age of about 7 years. Then, later, it will be possible to switch to a mid-height child's bed.


Practical baby furniture

The furniture listed in this paragraph is that which makes life easier for parents. However, they are not always found in the room of our little ones. They constitute a set of baby room . 

To take care of your little one, you need to get a changing table. There are two types: a changing table alone or a convenient combination of baby and changing table to save space. Some parents prefer to put it in the bathroom. It is true that having a water point nearby can prove to be practical on a daily basis. Up to you.

If you have enough space, you'll also want to add a baby wardrobe to the bedroom. You will place a few packs of layers in advance, but also his clothes. A child is growing up at an astounding speed. Especially during the first years. So, it is always useful to plan ahead by getting everything you need to dress your little boy or girl several months in advance.

Little advice for baby's wardrobe: in addition to the size of the clothes, also take into account the seasonal changes.


Baby furniture if you have room

Finally, parents who have room can also add some additional furniture in the baby room.

First, if you are tired of having toys everywhere, in bulk, get a toy chest. This will allow you to alternate the toys to be sure that your little boy or your little girl is not bored with the same cuddly toys, rattles and other awakening games. In fact, in terms of storage, the toy chest is a reference purchase.

Besides, the storage of the baby room , let's talk about it. Know that you can easily find tons of accessories to help you put all your things in the right place. Under the bed, in the order or on a shelf that you have placed on a wall: anything is possible.

We should not forget all the decorative elements as well as a play mat which, in addition to being pleasant in winter, will help to awaken him to the world around him. And that even before he starts walking.

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